Time zone
Belgrade and Serbia are located in the Central time zone - GMT 1 or GMT 2 from the last Sunday in the third month to Saturday before last Sunday in the tenth month.

Like in most cities in continental Europe, electricity in Belgrade is 220V. The sockets are common for European standards.

The water from the public water supply can be used for drinking.

Area codes
Area code for Belgrade in local, national traffic is 011.
Area code for Serbia in the international traffic is 381.
If you call Belgrade from abroad you should dial the appropriate international code, for example 00, then Serbia's code 381, and Belgrade's code (without the introductory 0) 11.
To call abroad from Belgrade, you should dial the international code 00, then the specific country's code, city's code (without the introductory 0), and finally the phone number.

Important telephone numbers:
Police - 192
Firemen - 193
Emergency room- 194
The exact time - 195
Telegrams by phone - 1961
International calls - 19011
Roadside assistance (Automobile Association of Serbia) - 1987
Sports information - 19812
Weather - 19822

Gas stations in Cukarica
GS Zarkovo 1, Trgovacka Street No 74, Cukarica, Belgrade
GS Blagoje Parovic, Pozeska Street No 85, Cukarica, Belgrade
ОMV Gas station, Ada Ciganlija, phone: 381 11 30 58 806;
ОМV Gas station, Knezevac, Vidikovac, phone: 381 11 23 49 053;
Petrol Gas station, Lazarevacki drum Street No 163, phone. 381 11 354 74 94

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