Bar Latino restaurant

Bar Latino restaurant was open in May 2010, and it is situated just a few steps far from Cuban cocktail bar Buena Vista in Turgenjev Street No 5 in Banovo brdo.

The restaurant is divided into two levels, the lower cafe lounge where you can enjoy a wide vine selection, with the accent on more than 100 vine labels that can be tested in a glass, and the upper part with the accent on enjoying the food. The restaurant interior is a blend of the old Mayan civilization and luxury of medieval Spain and Portugal, with dark-brown wood with the hint of gold.

A large stained glass windows in the middle of the restaurant are actually a replica from Casa de la Musica in Barcelona, and it represents the Sun, as a mutual symbol of the ancient civilizations of the Central and South America.
Menu is very colorful, and it tries to bring the tastes of Latin America closer to Belgrade. It is unusual and different and adjusted to the taste of the people in this region.

Try something different. In addition, the sounds of Brazilian bossa nova and tango will  contribute to the atmosphere.
The restaurant is open every day from 9 am to 1 am (the kitchen is open from 9 am and 11.30 pm)

Address: Belgrade, Turgenjev Steet  No 5, Banovo brdo

Phone: 381 11 357 33 33




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