Protected natural area Arboretum of Faculty Forestry, Belgrade University is a unique landscape and architectural space and valuable archive of local and foreign trees species. It is situated at the Faculty of Forestry in Banovo brdo, at  Knez Viseslav Street No.1. It was created in the period  1956 -1959, at an area of 3 hectares, and its founder and long-time director was Serbian famous dendrologist, professor Branislav Jovanovic. During 2011 Arboretum was declared a protected natural area in the category of natural monuments.

Today there grows over 300 tree and shrub species and intraspecific taxa represented by more than 2,000 species. According to the systematic identification, Arboretum obtains 218 deciduous species (Angiospermae) and 24 conifer species (Gymnospermae). By species’ origin, there are 77 native species of trees and shrubs, and 146 non-native species. As dendrologal rare and impressive samples, the following species can be pointed out: hairy-leaved ash (Fraxinus pallisae Willmott); thorn bush (Petteria ramentacea (Sieber) Presl KB) Pancic’s maple (Acer intermedium Panic), the oldest sample of metasequoia in Belgrade (Metasequoia glyptostroboides Hu et Cheng), a new form of laurel cherry, which was called “Professor Bane” in the honor of the founder of Arboretum, American oak species Quercus imbricaria Michx. and Quercus acutissima Carruth, giant sequoia (Sequoiadendron giganteum (Lindl.) Buchh.), Himalayan pine (Pinuswallichiana AB Jackson), and many others. While preserving a part of the natural forest formation in Kosutnjak in the area of  Arboretum’s  enlargement, dendrofloristic capacity of the entire zone is suitable for further introduction of many new species. At the entrance, there is alpinetum formed in 2003, as a special decorative element and valuable botanical, dendrological and petrographic collection. The harmony of different plant forms and rock material, brought from various locations throughout the country,  forms the collection that includes over 60 varieties of ornamental conifers and deciduous trees, and 40 perennial species.

As a direct consequence of Arboretum’s development, there was formed 200 m2 big nursery with greenhouse in the yard of Faculty of Forestry. That included also Duneman’s seedbeds for growing seedlings and flowers on open space. Today, there is a successful nursery production in Arboretum, for the needs of teaching and scientific research, and for commercial placement in the market.

Having primarily been designed for the purpose of completing the learning process within a number of disciplines that are taught at the Faculty, Arboretum has a number of core values, the landscape and manmade characteristics and complex functions. It’s aesthetic, ecological and sanitary-hygienic significance is expressed through a fact that it makes a big part of the city’s vegetation. During many decades, generations of students and professors at the Faculty of Forestry were included in the work on its maintenance and improvement. That also included students in primary and secondary schools in the municipality and further, and members of numerous civic associations, as well. We are proud of the successful development of 'horticultural therapy' and encouraging positive learning experiences of the people with special needs. Numerous educational activities of socially responsible companies and organizations prepare numerous educational activities there, by developing the culture of volunteer work and environmental awareness of the users of this area.

The reconstruction of this precious green space, an undiscovered oasis of Belgrade, a true green pearl of Cukarica and Belgrade, is still in progress.

Contact: i rasadnik

Arboretum is open on weekdays and Saturdays from 8 am to 4pm.

Group visits should previously  been scheduled. Phone number 381 11 30 53 958.