Hippodrome, near Careva cuprija, was built in 1914, and it is the oldest sports venue in Belgrade. On 15th November 1920, King Alexander gave the public ground to the association “Prince Mihajlo riders”.  It was rent for free in the period of 75 years for public races.  In 1920 the first gallop derby and the first race of City of Belgrade were held, and since when they have become traditional. In September 1930, the first show trotting races were held.

Upon nationalization, in 1949, the association “Prince Mihajlo riders” was not in charge of Hippodrome anymore. It got a new name "Belgrade Hippodrome”. Since 1980 it was a part of Municipal Institute for Physical Education, and in 1988 “Belgrade Hippodrome” Company got thirty years lease on 23 hectares from the Executive board of Belgrade City Hall. On 29th February 2008, Belgrade City Hall decided that “Belgrade Hippodrome” becomes a public company with the City of Belgrade as its founder.Racing days are on every Sunday afternoon from April till October.

Public company "Belgrade Hippodrome"

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