Park forest and urban recreation centre Kosutnjak covers an area of 330 hectares at an altitude of 250 m. Kosutnjak is also a beautiful viewpoint towards the centre of Belgrade and a pleasant place to enjoy beautiful nature. There are numerous paths for recreational walks in the forest of deciduous and coniferous trees.

Kosutnjak  probably got the name because of the does, which had once been there (doe in Serbian means kosuta). Until 1903 this dense forest was closed royal hunting ground, and after that Kosutnjak was open for citizens.

The border between the municipalities Cukarica and Rakovica is along Knez Viseslava street,  descends down Kosutnjak next to SRC "Pioneer Town" (which belongs to the municipality of Rakovica) and goes along the railway.

Faculty of Forestry and Faculty of Sport and Physical Education are in Kosutnjak, and so called Film City   and Radio-Television Serbia studios are near. Republic Hydrometeorological Institute and Republic Institute for Sport are also in Kosutnjak.

Centre for sports and recreation "Kosutnjak" covers approximately 40 hectares, has a playground for football, athletics, volleyball, basketball, handball, five outdoor and one indoor pool. It has a path for jogging, and ski areas. Skiers in Kosutnjak not only have a winter ski slope, but also a summer ski slope.

At the foot of the hill, where it used to be the hunting ground of Obrenovic family, the well Hajducka cesma is situated. Kosutnjak has "Kosutnjak" Camp, "Trim" Hotel, and various restaurants. Further, Kosutnjak is a very popular place for cultural, entertainment and musical events ("Voxstock", "Forest fest", "Supernatural", etc).

Finally, in the northwest part of Kosutnjak there is a Monument to the Serbian soldiers killed while defending Belgrade in 1915. That monument is unique because it was built by the enemy as a sign of respect for the opponent.

Kosutnjak a strict nature reserve is managed by Belgrade Woodlands .