Ada Ciganlija

Ada Ciganlija, a former island and a peninsula today, is situated on the Sava River, near the confluence of the Sava and the Danube, only 4 km far from the city centre.  Covered with dense, deciduous forest, interspersed with glades and meadows, Ada is the largest, most beautiful, and most visited picnic ground, beach and recreation centre in Belgrade. 

Some chroniclers find the name of this island in the compound noun made from the Celtic words "Sing" (the island) and "lia" (underwater land), which resulted in a word "singalija", later transcribed as "ciganlija". Ada is a rare natural resource that was noticed even by Karadjordje and Prince Milos Obrenovic, and in 1821 it was declared a state well, as it is today.

Tower and stands next to Sava Lake, lower and upper partitions on the branch of the Sava River were built in 1967, creating a unique lake, 4.2 km long, with an average width of 200 m and a depth of 4-6 m. In summer days up to 300,000 visitors daily enjoy Ada. The total area of Ada, the Ada Medjica and the maritime zone, is 800 hectares.

Ada Ciganlija is undoubtedly one of the central environmental zones, not only in the Municipality of Cukarica, but also in the City of Belgrade. Thanks to the beneficial combination of the of water and forest complex, Ada has unusual, specific microclimate, which is characterized by higher humidity and slightly lower summer daytime temperatures in comparison to other parts of the city. Oak and elm forests are the main are the main climatogenic vegetation of Ada. In the middle of the previous century, it was essentially enriched by planting the American poplar and green ash. Wildest parts are covered with uncultivated vegetation, making it difficult to pass, but also encourages visitors’ research passion and adventurous spirit. Ada Ciganlija has very rich wildlife, with the largest communities of birds, especially ducks and gulls, and pheasant and quail, as well. Ada is also one of the rare "urban" places where deer or rabbit can still be seen.

Marina Beach, around Sava lake, is fully arranged and equipped with all infrastructure facilities needed, and it is one of the largest and most beautiful beaches on artificial lakes in Europe. Water in Sava Lake is warmer and cleaner than the river water, and the lake is suitable for the recreation of vast number of people. Location, water quality, equipped facilities, and the length of trails make Sava Lake very suitable for top competitions on calm waters. The lake is convenient for swimming, rownig, kayaking, water polo, water jumping, surfing and other sports, and a lot of world and national championships were held there.

Ada Ciganlija has over 50 different outdoor sports fields, including the golf course and a ski wire for water skiing. There are a football pitch, tennis courts, handball, volleyball and basketball courts, and playgrounds for baseball, rugby and grass hockey. There are also courts for volleyball, aqua soccer and extreme sports: bungee jumping, wall-climbing and paintball.

Ada Safari

Lake Ada Safari represents a unique richness of recreational fishing in Belgrade.

A swamp, overgrown with brambles and reeds, was turned into 6 hectares big lake area in 1994. Ada Safari Lake has rare fish, such as carp, grass carp, and a very unusual and attractive tench. The fish quality is strictly controlled.

Ada Ciganlija is a cultural and entertainment centre in Belgrade, especially during summer time. Numerous sports, cultural, and entertainment events are organized. Dozens of restaurants, bars and clubs make Ada’s catering offer. There is a huge parking at the entrance and marina in Cukaricki branch suitable for boats, yachts and small boats. Ada’s visitors have  shops, picnic grounds, bowling space, mini-golf, horse-drawn carriages, a tourist train, pedal boats, canoes, and eco-ship on electric propulsion at their disposal.

Public Company "Ada Ciganlija"

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