“Opusteno” Restaurant

According to its name, "Opusteno" (Opusteno means Cool, Relaxing, in Serbian) restaurant represents a synonym for relaxation and enjoyment in Belgrade. Architecture, interior, exterior, food and drinks offer and a choice of music, help us keep the idyllic picture of Serbian homes. Every item that makes the interior was carefully sought for very long time, starting from the wardrobe closet at the entrance, which dates 90 years ago, bayonets and horns from World War I, and the various small items that were collected for years in Serbia, several centuries old.

The way of cooking is adjusted to our ancestors’ recipes, lamb and veal, beans, soup from the pot on open fire, baking bread in ovens, charcoal grilling, etc. We are famous because every meal that we prepare has a genuine geographical origin: lamb from Pirot and Babusnica, cheese from Sjenica, ham from Uzice, perch from Kladovo, etc. Also, we offer the best Serbian wine, fruit brandy and liquor at an affordable price.

"Opusteno" restaurant is open on working days from 1pm till 8pm, and at weekends from 12pm till 9pm. 

Address: Ada Ciganlija BB, Belgrade

Phone: 011/354-8-214, 011/357-2-258

E-mail: rebox@eunet.rs


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