With the total area of 15 650 hectares and with its 181 231 inhabitants (2011 census) Cukarica is one of the largest urban municipalities in the City of Belgrade. It extends to the southwest from the core of old Belgrade and is bordered by the municipalities of Savski venac, Novi Beograd, Obrenovac, Barajevo, Rakovica, Surcin, and Vozdovac. Cukarica is on the main road from Belgrade to the west and southwest. From ancient times, there is a road along the Sava River that connects Belgrade with Sabac and Bosnia, and, on the other side there is Ibar highway that links Belgrade to western Serbia and Kosovo. Bypass highway that leads to Greece also passes through the territory of Cukarica Municipality. Hence Cukarica is highly interested in the strategic transport solutions in southern Belgrade direction. That is one of the main conditions for its future development.

From the airport

Pozeska street, as the most famous and attractive street in Cukarica, is 20 km far from "Nikola Tesla" Airport,  and the car can reach it in 20 minutes. The largest part of the road is highway, making this the fastest route choice. 

From the train and bus station

Pozeska street is 5.7 km far from the train and bus station, and you can reach it by car in approximately 9 minutes. If you decide for the public transport, you can reach Pozeska street using tramways 12 and 13. 

From the city centre

Pozeska street is 7km far from Nikola Pasic Square, and you can reach it by car in approximately 11minutes.

Public transport lines that connect Pozeska street and the city centre are:12, 13, 58, 37, 23, 53, 51, 52.

Detailed map of public transport with marked stops can be seen at  http://prevoz.iz.rs/mape_linija.html