Остружница - сплавови

Остружница - сплавови
Geographical diversity, from the confluence of the Topcider River and the Sava River, only a few kilometers far from the city centre, to Lipovacka forest, the beginning of hilly Sumadija, makes Cukarica unique and more attractive in comparison to the other parts of Belgrade. The municipality which has Ada Ciganlija and Kosutnjak is the place where people should come, entertain and relax themselves, far from the city noise. These two natural complexes are developing as centres of tourism, recreation, and rest.

In 1821, Prince Milos Obrenovic declared Ada Ciganlija state and national good, and it has remained unchanged until now. Branislav Nusic, a famous Serbian writer, called Ada “Water flower”, because of its beauty. Since then, through the decades, Ada has magically attracted artists and adventurers, who were enchanted by it, either as creators or enthusiasts. In 1967 Ada became a peninsula after the rearrangement of the right river branch. It is surrounded by the causeway and it has the Sava River on one side and Sava Lake on the other side.

Kosutnjak was first mentioned in the writings in 1831, where very dense, mostly oak forest was described. In the second half of the 19th century Kosutnjak became rich hunting ground. According to a letter from 1849, Kosutnjak then had 13 deer and 35 does, and the whole forest got the name after it (a doe in Serbian means kosuta). Kosutnjak was the only place for ski-jumping in Belgrade. On 26th February 1956 the first and last Belgrade ski-jumping competition was held there. More than 2000 spectators enjoyed it. We should also mention Hippodrome here. It is the oldest sports venue in Belgrade which is about to recover the old fame.  

The increase in the number of residents in Cukarica is a proof of the unstoppable enlargement of the capital city towards Sumadija. When you go down the Ibar highway, you first see Sremacka forest, which is located between Zeleznik, Sremcica, and Rusanj. After Sremacka forest you pass by Lipovacka forest with the unique nature.

On the opposite side, if you take the Sava highway, you will firstly pass through Makis, a Belgrade well. Then you will see two Cukarica’s residential areas, Ostruznica and Umka, directly dependant on the Sava's banks. At the end of Cukarica there is Velika Mostanica, which is located between two big highways, surrounded by Lipovacka ans Ostruznicka forest.

When we talk about the roads, Cukarica has a good connection to whole Belgrade. Roads that connect central Serbia to Belgrade pass through Cukarica. The new bridge on Ada connects Cukarica to New Belgrade. Ada Ciganlija, Kosutnjak, Hippodrome, the Sava’s branch as a natural port, Lipovacka and Sremacka forest are in Cukarica. Residents of Cukarica have the honour to take advantage of a well-diversified transport infrastructure, to host the visitors and enjoy the beauty of their municipality.